Our History

Our family run business is committed to producing the best possible quality sheepskin slippers that you will love wearing. With 25 years of experience we ensure our products offer superior quality and comfort. We pride ourselves on our value for money and customer service. We welcome all feedback on your Sheepskin Slipper Company experience and value your opinion.

Our Sheepskin Slippers

We manufacture our slippers from twin face sheepskin meaning the hides have not been split and the leather and fleece remain as one. Only Grade A hides are used in the production of our slippers which means they are of the upmost quanlity .

The natural fleece breathes and allows air to circulate around your feet. Sheepskin is a natural thermostatic material keeping your bare feet very close to your natural body temperature regardless of the season. In addition Sheepskin is a hypoallergenic material , perfect for those who suffer from sensitive skin.

Our slippers have a durable soft sole which has a very light tread. This means it’s perfectly ok to nip outside to the post box or to put the dustbin out without worrying about damaging your lovely slippers. Like gremlins though , it’s best not to get them wet.

Sheepskin Slipper Fitting Guide

When selecting the best size, simply follow your shoe size. Fitting should be snug and not too tight when first worn. We recommend you wear your slippers barefoot. This way you will receive the full benefit of the real sheepskin material on your feet. The fleece will shape to your foot shape over a short period of time, creating a cosy home for your feet.

Slipper Care

To protect the sheepskin and maintain the appearance of your slippers we recommend you protect your slippers with a reputable stain and water repellent. For cleaning, we recommend using a specialist sheepskin shampoo and conditioner, carefully following the manufacturer’s instructions. Please do not be tempted to put your slippers in a washing machine , this will ruin them and you’ll be very upset!